About Us

Experience & Passion

We are driven by a passion for clean energy solutions.

With an incredible depth and diversity of experience, the Harbour Energy leaderships brings decades of experience in solar, electrical engineering and an understanding of the urgent need to drive rapid environmental change.

The Team

Adrian Turner

Managing Director

Adrian has a distinguished career in energy R&D and has been working in solar for over 23 years:

“In 1995, solar PV power was certainly a industry. Solar panels cost around thirty times what they are now. In the early days, when I mentioned to people I worked in solar I suspect some of them imaged I worked in a solarium.

Adrian is a the former Director of Si PV R&D at First Solar Inc (USA), was a founder of TetraSun Inc.(CA) where he helped pioneer some of the most advanced solar cells of the time and was, Engineering Manager at CSG Solar Gmbh (Germany) and at Pacific Solar Pty Ltd (Australia).

Carl Zim

Director of Operations

Carl is an electrical engineer & project manager, licenced electrician and CEC qualified designer & installer. He has over 20 years experience in the solar, energy and industrial & building automation sectors working with companies such as Schletter, Origin, Demag, Crestron and BHP Steel.

Carl ensures that Harbour Energy provides superior quality in terms of workmanship and project management.

“With so much growth in the sector I’m passionate about instilling high standards in the solar industry. Systems with components designed to last for 20 or 30 years deserve to be installed with care and professionalism.”

Reece Turner

Director of Business Development

Reece is passionate about accelerating the shift to renewable energy for environmental and economic outcomes. He has broad experience in renewable energy communications, research, policy, marketing and advocacy through to sales and project management.

“Prior to working in the solar industry I worked for over 10 years in environmental advocacy seeking to drive Governments and companies to embrace less impactful practices. With solar now far cheaper than coal or gas, there’s now every reason to turbo-charge a transition to clean energy.”

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We are always looking for new talent to join the Harbour Energy team. If you have experience as an electrical tradesperson, sales consultant or looking to start an apprenticeship send your details with a cover letter.