Residential Solar

There has never been a better time to embrace solar technology

A quality solar system will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of its life and significantly reduce your environmental footprint. There are also significant Government rebates available for all solar PV systems.

Harbour Energy provides custom-built quality solar solutions for Sydneysiders backed by:

Decades of expertise in solar
In house workmanship
Outstanding service

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We choose our product offerings carefully to help design a custom system for you

Solar Panels

Solar Inverters


Battery storage technology and pricing has rapidly evolved in recent years and continues to move fast.

With many new brands on the market, we have selected a limited range of battery storage based on proven technology, performance and importantly, the ability of the manufacturer to support a warranty claim in the future.

If you are interested in assessing whether a battery storage system is viable for your existing solar or a new system request a quote from a Harbour Energy consultant.

LG Chem

  • Sizes from 6kWh to 9.8kWh and expandable to 19kWh
  • Proven Lithium-Ion techonology
  • Warranty backed by LG, a stable large company with reliable service and support
  • DC coupled battery charging directly from solar to reduce losses. Must be installed with a compatible inverter (eg. SolarEdge)


  • Sizes from 5kWh to 9.8kWh and expandable to 19kWh
  • Sonnen Flat pricing available
  • Lithium-Ion techonology
  • Warranty undewritten by major investor, Shell (yes, the oil giant) a stable large company with reliable service and support
  • AC coupled. Suitable to retrofit to any solar system


Home Energy Monitoring

Installing home energy monitoring means you’ll be able to not only see how your solar is performing but you can also view and track total home energy usage.

The are many benefits to total home energy monitoring (or consumption monitoring):

  • Solar owners with home energy monitoring use their solar better and save more
  • You’ll be able to assess whether or when it’s viable to install a battery system
  • You may be able to track faulty appliances (such as hot water systems)
  • You can track which appliances are costly you the most (when all circuits are monitored)
  • You can use it to catch out someone leaving a heater or air-con on!

Even if you’re not an energy geek like those of us at Harbour Energy, we highly suggest having total home energy monitoring installed with your solar system

Add Solar Monitoring to an existing Solar System

Do you have a solar power system without monitoring and you’re not sure if it’s working properly?

Harbour Energy can add a solar and home monitoring to see how your system is performing

In years gone by, many solar systems did not have even basic solar monitoring which meant that the first time solar owners discovered there was a problem was a huge electricity bill.

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Fast and efficient – “The quote was quick, easy to understand, detailed and explicit. The installation was done very quickly after accepting the quote and in my absence. I was sent pictures of progress. When I returned home, the system was installed and functioning, with no left over wire or packaging left around the house. I was sent all the details for monitoring the system and everything that was needed by my energy supplier for the system to connect in, was sent through. Overall I was really impressed! ”

Gabrielle, Narrabeen, 02 August 2019

SunPeak PV and battery home system – “The whole process was simple, professional, value for money with impressive finish quality and attention to detail. The team took the time necessary to do it right. ”

Tony, Annandale, 09 July 2019

Three Systems In And More To Come – “So glad we used Reece and his team for our first system have installed two more since and will be going again shortly with more.”

Ian, Southern Highlands, 26 June 2019

“Hands down the best customer experience. SunPeak from start to finish were amazing, informative and helped us with every step of the way. Honest approach with respect and integrity. Super happy with SunPeak no hesitation in recommending them to everyone we know.

Michael, Marrickville, 30 April 2019

“Outstanding experience with Sunpeak. We clearly have a complicated roof, one of the suppliers said it wasn’t possible, the other said we could get 2KW max, Sunpeak spent the time (including a house visit and clambering on the roof) to design a 6.6 kw system. From the get go the team were simply awesome to deal with. Reece spent heaps of time talking us through the options, and Carl and the team were on-site within 2 weeks and it is clear these guys are not just installers, they are craftsmen. The result is a fantastic system that is exceeding our expectations. Can’t recommend the Sunpeak team enough! “

Paul, Annandale, 11 March 2019

“Was really satisfied from the initial consultation to the final installation. At all times the team communicated with me regarding progress. The Installers are professional and do an excellent Job. I highly recommend them to other consumers looking for a quality solar installation. “

John, 02 April 2019


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