Solar power for your business

Four reasons to install solar on your business now

1. It’s cheaper than grid power

Electricity costs have risen astronomically in recent years – in fact, costs have doubled for some businesses. Solar power is clearly cheaper than grid power so if you have some roof space – even if it will only offset 20% of your usage, you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

2. Tax incentives & rebates

Upfront rebates valued at up to $60,000 are still available for business owners when installed by an accredited installer. On top of this the cost of the solar or repayments may be eligible for special tax treatment.

3. Cash flow positive

If you pay cash for your business solar system you can expect the investment to pay back in around 3-6 years. If you finance your solar system you will be able to see immediate benefits. This is because the finance costs can be tailored to be less than the savings.

4. Improve your environmental footprint

For many businesses, electricity consumption from fossil fuel generation may be their largest environmental impact (eg. retail, medical, services even some manufacturing). Well installed solar systems using good quality components will create clean energy for decades.